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Discover CHAKKR

CHAKKR is an optimal shipping solution for end-users as well as businesses, using available capacity of transporters on the road.

Customers can get their shipments done cheap and fast. Transport providers can earn additional revenue and avoid empty backloads.

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Business Services

CHAKKR is one-stop shipment solution for your online or physical shop. Seamlessly integrate CHAKKR in your shopping/fulfillment flow, using our API and widgets.

Reduce customer-dropouts and increase revenues by providing your customers the best shipment offers at their conditions.

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Mobile App for Transporters

CHAKKR Mobile App takes you several steps ahead of the competition by directly connecting you to customers near you, whereever you are.

You also get a tracking service for your customers. The App also lets your customers track deliveries real-time.

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Green Shipments

Over 85% of the national consumer-shipments are done through road transports. But over 50% of the transporters are running half-empty on the road!

By implementing and promoting ways to efficiently use transport capacity on the road, CHAKKR is committed to reducing traffic problems and CO2 emissions.

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