CHAKKR - Keep the wheel rolling

chakkr is a word in Hindi/Sanskrit, and represents a wheel. Our mission is to enable maximum utilization of the transport vehicles on the road.

CHAKKR is “Shipment 2.0”; it’s an optimal shipment solution for online shops as well as end-users, using available capacity of transporters on the road.

Its an integrated B2C and B2B transport-marketplace that aggregates the schedule and capacity information of regional/national transporters, and provides an efficient and cost-effective shipment solution to businesses as well as to end-users.

  • Customers can get their shipments done cheap and fast
  • Transporters can win new orders and backload orders, and increase revenues
  • Through efficient transport capacity utilization, our environment stays green

CHAKKR API and partner widgets, enables ANY online shop or marketplace, or physical shops or chains, to seamlessly integrate CHAKKR as a “shipping-method” in their shopping and fulfillment process.

This provides their customers a variety of shipment options varying from low-cost return-loads by transporters, to exlcusive one-off same day personal delivery by transporters.

CHAKKR is conceptualized, developed and operated by Web2Come GmbH, based in Oberhausen, Germany.

  • Ajith Kumar Padmanabhan

    Founder, CEO

    Manager, Leader, Marketer, Salesman, Financial man, Coder

    Ajith has several years of business and technical experience in IT and E-Commerce domain, and has played various roles like ATG Commerce Consultant, Solutions Architect and Systems Consultant for various high profile retail shops and service providers in Europe including, Deutsche Post, CGI, Vodafone etc. He holds an MBA from FOM Germany, and a Bachelor Degree in Technology from University of Calicut, India.

  • Patrick Schmidt

    Co-Founder, Technical Lead

    Leader, Architect, Coder, Mentor

    Often referred as a geek-with-business-brain, and a popular figure in Grails Software Community, Patrick is a technology evangelist who started programming and understanding the business behind software, at a very young age. He had carried out various technical lead roles for companies in different spectrums, ranging from start-ups to retail giants like OTTO Germany. Patrick studied Computer Science at University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

  • Claudius Rugge

    Co-Founder, Interaction Designer

    Marketer, Designer, Graphics-man, Coder, Tester

    Claudius is online since late 1980s, and has been one of the pioneers in the Dutch Online Scene in the early days of internet. He had run Web Design/Development agencies and served for corporates like CapGemini, Pixelpark etc., before entering the online retail sector. He operated 2 online shops successfully where he sold music records to customers around the world. Claudius had studied Mathematics at Utrecht University, Netherlands.

We are always in the look-out for interesting folks who are interested in internet and other modern media developments, and who has a flair and feel for Web 2.0.

Marketing Assistant (Student-job / Internship)

  • Market research, Analysis
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Offline Marketing Activities (Seminars, Exhibitions etc.)

Software Developer - Internet (Student-job / Internship)

  • Application Development using Java, Groovy & Grails
  • Web Development using jQuery, CSS and JSP/GSP

If you are confident that you can support us in any of the above tasks, then please feel free to send an email to us at

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