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CHAKKR Updates and Logistics trends | Courier-Transport and Shipments | Courier-Transports made easy using Extra and Backloads

Thanks to the online trade and globalization, the demand and volume of goods transport, has been going up on a regular basis. Major transport-companies have been expanding their delivery fleet to meet the increasing demand.

But is this approach of adding more and more trucks to the road, an efficient solution to handle the demand? Is it economical and environment-friendly?

Apart from working on making continuous improvements to our platform, over last months we have been actively seeking feedbacks from business clients, freight-forwarders and transport-providers with an aim to bring the benefits of our logistics optimization technology to a wider audience.

We participated in logistics trade fairs, had meetings with industry experts and veterans, and also spent several days in hands-on workshop with our clients.

The general tone which we could hear from all was that the logistics transport industry needs process optimization, and CHAKKR is at the right spot.

“We have 15 trucks on European roads at any given time; but on an average they are all running half-empty”, says U.Becker, from Becker Transports, Hamburg.

Though its an accepted truth by the transport industry insiders that the capacities in the trucks on the road are never fully utilized, the impact of this wastage shows an even more disturbing picture when we consider that over 25 Billion Kilometres are driven by German trucks every year, with no loads.  This is a wastage of over € 7.5 Billion EUR every year, alone for the fuel and maintenance costs.

Moreover, the environmental impact of such large amount of empty-drives on the roads, is another disturbing truth which has very well managed to stay hidden and at a low-profile attention so far.

“Yes, the extra and back-loads on my routes are always welcome, and I offer up to 70% discount to get those additional orders from all possible freight-exchange platforms and freight-forwarders”, Becker insists. Any load that he can take, apart from his standard contracts, are “add-ons” to his revenues, and polishes his total profits up.

CHAKKR optimizes the transport capacity usage by automatically aggregating the available transport capacities, so that they are directly accessible by clients and freight-forwarders, without the need for any manual online/offline processes. Using a cloud-based smart aggregation technology, which presents and guides the transport-provider intuitively; combined with accessibility from anywhere anytime (web, tablet,mobile), CHAKKR brings the real “intelligence” into collecting and using spare transport capacities, so that the information is immediately fed to an automated match-making system for direct use by clients and freight-forwarders.

Not only the match-making is automated using CHAKKR, but also the need for repeated negotiations over standard terms and discounts (on extra and back-loads) are eliminated; thanks to the smart pricing-engine which calculates the prices based on the provider conditions, and facilitates binding contracts between clients and providers, and also handles the reputation and rating management.

Becker and several other hundreds of transport-providers are now using CHAKKR to get orders directly on their routes.
Thanks to a growing volume of providers on CHAKKR, the platform has reached an average coverage of 70% of areas in Germany, and with special discounts and rates on major trade routes.

We are overwhelmed by the feedbacks and suggestions we received so far, and will continue to work hard to bring a positive change in the industry, through innovations and strategic partnerships.

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Over last couple of months, our team had been busy getting industry and business feedbacks, and integrating a lot of useful features to make CHAKKR a one-stop courier-transport booking engine for consumers and businesses.

Many users had indicated us that they would prefer to just search, find, and instantly book a chosen courier online. Most of the transport deals on CHAKKR in 2011 were done either the same day or latest within a couple of days after the user had listed his request (even though the requests are valid for upto 4 weeks and the users might have got more/better quotes later).

On the other side, many couriers who are using CHAKKR to get orders and fill their trucks with extra loads and backloads indicated that they would prefer if customers could book them directly based on their prices, conditions and transport-routes. In other words, couriers wanted to display their “offer” on CHAKKR, which customers could immediately book. This saves a lot of time for couriers in their sales and customer/order acquisition process, and helps to optimize their planning.

Now, this was a perfect case for introducing technology enhancements to the logistics industry -> matching supply and demand, based on static and dynamic conditions!

As a user (private or business), now you can simply specify your transport category, start and end destinations, and search for matching transport offers.  You’ll be presented with a list of couriers with concrete prices for your transport. You can simply choose the courier you would like to know more about , view all the service details and immediately make a booking online.

How does it work ?

Compare transport prices and instantly book a courier

Compare prices and instantly book the chosen courier online for a transport

CHAKKR is an aggregator of the service portfolio (including price-lists and service offerings), as well as schedules and transport-routes, of thousands of courier-transport companies.

This information is used to determine the best price/conditions for the user for their transport requirements. Moreover, since the “offers” are calculated automatically by including the special discounts on extra and backloads on existing routes of the couriers, the users can always be assured that they are always getting and booking the “best possible” offers on CHAKKR.

Thanks to great feedbacks from our users, we are working hard to widen our courier portfolio so that any user or business can instantly find and book the best courier-transport offer online for their specific shipment needs!

Feedbacks, suggestions, critics => always welcome! – Email us at

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2011 was an year which saw CHAKKR growing into a full fledged commercial courier-marketplace.
Thousands of customers, mostly from Germany and Netherlands, used the site to get the best deals from hundreds of rated couriers.

The number of deals reached its peak during December 2011, where customers got a unique opportunity to find affordable personal couriers for their Christmas gifts to friends and family.
A personal “messenger”, as in the good old ancient days, delivering gifts & messages to the loved ones, was a unique and memorable experience to many CHAKKR customers.

When big shipment companies were struggling to handle the volume of “Christmas Shipments”, the customers who chose CHAKKR Couriers for their deliveries were presented with a “personal service”; which is in general a rare commodity in Europe. The success of CHAKKR lies in the fact that its a competitive market-place; there are hundreds of qualified couriers continuously in the loop of CHAKKR, and its not a surprise that most customers get instant transport quotes from couriers who provide the best courier-transport service at an affordable price. Just alone the notion that the customers could directly interact with “humans” (couriers or people from courier-companies), rather than machines or processes, gave a comfortable and secure feeling for many of them.

We continue to work hard, adding more utilities and features, implementing partnerships with shops and market-places etc., thereby making CHAKKR grow to a household name, when it comes to shipments.

Stay tuned and watch this space for more updates…

Feedbacks, suggestions, critics => always welcome! – Email us at

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We are proud to welcome our first  premium couriers, who have reported a big leap on the number of orders they got through CHAKKR. Congrats!
Keep going, we are working hard to bring you more orders from many different sources. Stay tuned..

As per the recent studies released on behalf of German courier-packet-transport provider associations, over 63% of the „couriers“ quoted under-utilized capacity as one of their big concerns which, together with rising fuel prices, increases their costs.

There are over 37.000 couriers in Germany, which collectively run over 200.000 vans on the road.

With an „available“ capacity of 50% from each of them, this translates to 100.000 possible courier-transport options available, which can be used anytime by anyone.

CHAKKR is the ideal solution for customers to directly reach-out to this capacity!

Looking at the above numbers, there is no wonder why most CHAKKR customers are repeat users, because the offers which they get from our couriers save them over 60-70% in the shipment costs, especially for bulky goods like furniture, whitegoods etc.

Transporting goods through couriers on CHAKKR provides you with a wide rand of advantages as well, in comparison with big shipment networks.

  • Your courier is your DIRECT (and probably the only) contact partner (no burocracy and “processes”)
  • Your courier picks up the transport-item, loads it in his van, and brings it to you personally -> there are no “transitions”.
  • Your courier is a real “person” -> not company XYZ.  You can call him any time (yes, including weekends!), adjust plans if needed etc.

We are working on bringing in more utilities to customers and couriers (eg : CHAKKR Mobile App with courier/shipment tracking), as well as going wide by partnering with some online shops directly.

Stay tuned and watch this space for more updates…

Feedbacks, suggestions, critics => always welcome! – Email us at


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Introducing Basic Premium Membership

We’ve opened up our Basic Premium package for courier companies; which starts from just EUR 49,95 p/m.  The package includes a lot of goodies; one of the main ones being the “direct contact” to the customer.

In spite of all the technology advancements, a phone-call is mostly faster and more likely to get responded. For this exact reason, some couriers had been trying to use our messaging system to exchange phone-number with customers, BEFORE a deal is done between them. They did not have success; as our system did not allowit (in order to protect the privacy of customers), and was against the terms we have with couriers.

After a few survey and conversations with our couriers and customers, we found that there IS a group, who prefer to deal on phone, rather than through the normal “bid / message” (email) process.

The Basic Premium package allows courier companies to directly contact the customer on phone and provide his offer; provided the customer had allowed to be directly contacted by couriers.
For couriers, this means that they can “win” the customer almost instantly (puts them a step ahead of the competition), and also helps them in their route planning.
For customers, this means that less waiting-time; and opportunity to talk to courier on phone before accepting a deal.

Apart from the above, the Basic Premium couriers also enjoy a lot of other benefits including promoted placements, unlimited customer contacts etc.

Stay tuned for more utilities…

Feedbacks, suggestions, critics => always welcome! – Email us at


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Announcing CHAKKR – eBay connection

Did you already see/use that ?  CHAKKR is now integrated with eBay!

With just a one-click import, you can now easily place a request on CHAKKR to get transport quotes for ANY eBay article.

Get transport quotes from couriers and transporters for ebay articles

Use CHAKKR to save transport costs for articles bought or sold on eBay

eBay is a great place to buy and sell goods.

If you are buying heavy articles (eg : furnitures, household equipments) on eBay, you often end up at a problem => Shipping!. Most often you have to arrange the shipment yourself, if the seller has specified that the item has to be picked-up.

You dont know how much the shipment may cost, and when it can be possible.This may even make it difficult for you to even decide whether to buy one or other item from eBay, even though it may be an item which you really wanted.

We’ve made it extremely easy for you.

When you place your request on CHAKKR, just enter the eBay article number => DONE!.. Now, you can go back to your couch, or continue browsing on Facebook.

CHAKKR engine gets all the relevant shipping and transport information for your article from eBay and post your request on CHAKKR…this is FREE and without any obligation.

1000′s of professional couriers and travel-couriers are informed about your request., and you get competing and binding bids, with excellent conditions!.

If you haven’t yet bought the eBay article, now you know how you can transport, and how much would that cost.

If you have already bought the item, it wont be a surprise if you get it delivered to you within a few hours after placing your request.  CHAKKR makes it happen!

Can shipments be made more easier than this ?  CHAKKR is the smart way to ship goods.

Stay tuned for more utilities…

Feedbacks, suggestions, critics => always welcome! - Email us at




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Dont drive an empty truck!

Dont drive an empty truck;  the highway-ghosts may haunt you down, as you are polluting our environment.

Many couriers on the road face the problem that they drive hundreds of kilometers to deliver goods to customers; but most of the times they drive back empty.

But CHAKKR has courier and transport orders on their routes, and is always getting new courier requests from customers all the time.

To get the trucks of couriers always full, CHAKKR has further improved the ways how couriers and transporters can use CHAKKR to avoid empty backloads and increase revenue.

1. Search along the routes (
Simply enter the start and end destinations of your route.
CHAKKR will show you ALL possible customer orders on the ENTIRE route (including sub-segments, minor diversions etc.).

2. Save searches
Every time you do a route search, its “recorded”, and shown on the right side panel. It provides you a convenient shortcut to do multiple searches using multiple combinations.

3. Bookmark and display the “current” routes on your profile page
You can bookmark any search (for your own use later), and also add the same to your “current routes” on your profile page. (Simply click the respective icons in the search history).

What does it bring you ? => More customers, orders, revenues…and last but not least; a “green” feeling because your truck is always full.

How ? => Customers can see your profile, where you are going, and contact you directly to give you an order.
Moreover, CHAKKR engine can easily “match” you with potential customers, thereby benefiting you and the customer.
Isn’t that easy, convenient, and “cool” ?

This is just the beginning… We are working on more technology innovations to make the transport capacity utilization more efficient.

Stay tuned…

Feedbacks, suggestions, critics => always welcome!
Email us at



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CHAKKR expanding to new horizons

Yes, you saw it all probably. Since the beginning of this year, CHAKKR has been mostly focusing on local/regional transport customers and companies, in our “home zone” (Germany, Nerherlands).  We listened to the feedbacks, and made several changes and additions to give a positive experience for those target groups.

We are glad that we could be of help for many of you, in getting your transport done at the best price/time conditions.

We also feel proud that many local and national courier companies who have been acting through CHAKKR, have already built up a good online reputation using their CHAKKR profile, and their business on CHAKKR.

Thanks to the users who keep coming back and keep on recommending us, CHAKKR is now ripe & ready to spread to more horizontal and vertical dimensions.

Do you have a courier or transport request, and still haven’t tried CHAKKR ? Post your transport request here for FREE. It just takes less than a minute, but would get you the BEST price and conditions for your transport.

Are you a courier or transport provider, and still dont have a profile on CHAKKR ?  Register your profile here for FREE.  We take care of your marketing and try to bring you to potential customers.

Last, but not least:

We do have now positive news for the “international” transport customers, who have been generously pinging us regarding the updates, missing features etc.
We are working on specialized features, social media applications and partnerships, which would cater to those groups.

Stay tuned….  And as always, feel free to continue giving us feedbacks, suggestions, critics etc.   We do READ and ACT on all of them!.




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We’ve put some make-up one our company page; Web2Come (
As always, feedbacks are generously welcome!.

CHAKKR is the first and flagship product from Web2Come team. And, we love the appreciation our users gave!.
We are currently working on a whole bunch of new features on CHAKKR, which will assist and help you to help yourselves, for all kinds of courier and shipment requirements.

Stay tuned for updates…


Since our “branding switch” from a social community to a courier-marketplace, a few of the readers have been asking about the “social” courier-community part of CHAKKR and why we did not keep it that way.  We think, a good answer to such questions, is one of our numerous press coverages from the previous times, where we had  tried to explain the concept to the public and our little requirements to keep it sustain (which was/is our vision).

Most of the German media which covered CHAKKR (Radio, Newspaper etc.) did those in German. For our English speaking friends, we’ve found one of the coverage online.  Just the flyer in Patrick’s (our cofounder/tech-lead) hands explains our initial vision.

If you find more such online coverages, please let us know. Thanks!

Instead of going for “compromises” or “affiliations”, we decided to keep the independency, and make it an open market place, by  involving courier/transport service provider companies as well.  CHAKKR is still (and will always be) independent => Anyone can provide service for courier requirements listed on CHAKKR; doesn’t matter if you are just traveling and can take something on your luggage allowance, or if you are a local/national/international courier company. CHAKKR present your bids to the user. As they always say, at the end “user is the king“; he/she can decide which one’s the best fitting bid for him.

Search and bid on courier requests matching your travel routes

Register as a courier

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