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Dont drive an empty truck!

Dont drive an empty truck;  the highway-ghosts may haunt you down, as you are polluting our environment.

Many couriers on the road face the problem that they drive hundreds of kilometers to deliver goods to customers; but most of the times they drive back empty.

But CHAKKR has courier and transport orders on their routes, and is always getting new courier requests from customers all the time.

To get the trucks of couriers always full, CHAKKR has further improved the ways how couriers and transporters can use CHAKKR to avoid empty backloads and increase revenue.

1. Search along the routes (
Simply enter the start and end destinations of your route.
CHAKKR will show you ALL possible customer orders on the ENTIRE route (including sub-segments, minor diversions etc.).

2. Save searches
Every time you do a route search, its “recorded”, and shown on the right side panel. It provides you a convenient shortcut to do multiple searches using multiple combinations.

3. Bookmark and display the “current” routes on your profile page
You can bookmark any search (for your own use later), and also add the same to your “current routes” on your profile page. (Simply click the respective icons in the search history).

What does it bring you ? => More customers, orders, revenues…and last but not least; a “green” feeling because your truck is always full.

How ? => Customers can see your profile, where you are going, and contact you directly to give you an order.
Moreover, CHAKKR engine can easily “match” you with potential customers, thereby benefiting you and the customer.
Isn’t that easy, convenient, and “cool” ?

This is just the beginning… We are working on more technology innovations to make the transport capacity utilization more efficient.

Stay tuned…

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